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print & pack exhibition

The Gulf Print & pack exhibition

Gulf Print & Pack exhibition is an important name for those active in different print industry segments. This phenomenal annual event attracts more than 7500 participants and visitors from more than 90 countries worldwide. This event, however, is mainly meant for Asian, African, and Middle Eastern markets. The Gulf Print & Pack exhibition mainly serves print manufacturers and industry professionals with solutions, state-of-art machinery, and techniques. All the industry segments, including publishers, graphics, and other forms of print and publishing solutions, can benefit from this international and critical event.

What to expect from the Gulf print & pack exhibition?

As a professional within the print and pack industry, you can have a stand in this exhibition. Every year, more than 80 businesses from different countries present their services and products, and given a large number of prospects present at the venue, many of these booths lead to on-site deals and impactful networking. Contractors and startups can take advantage of this opportunity and establish rewarding networks.

The Gulf Print & pack exhibition

As an attendee of this annual and international event, you would be given a chance to discover solutions to your package and print dilemmas, get to know cutting-edge technologies, establish connections with more people nationally and internationally and get to know a wide range of products and textures available.

Gulf Print & pack event and its impact on the future of the industry

A bright future has been foreseen for the print and pack industry within the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. With the rapid improvements in the industry and borderless collaborations between professionals in these areas, state-of-art products and solutions are rapidly presented. You can apply for a booth or stand in this exhibition via its official site, which can undoubtedly bring more revenue for your business.