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Every year in Iran, many exhibitions are held, both international and domestic. These exhibitions are usually held in very large cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz, etc. and invite many people from all over the world to Iran.  In some cases, the arrival of the new season and in some other cases, the arrival of various festivals and different occasions, as well as great advances in technology can be other reasons for holding such exhibitions. the servicers try to buildup booths so that they can present all their products and services to their customers. In many cases, the number of these pavilions and stands are very high and makes it difficult for visitors to choose. In such cases, booth owners can use appropriate pavilion construction methods to design very attractive and suitable pavilions so that they can attract different people and businessmen to themselves. For this reason, today the element of competition in the field of international exhibitions to attract customers includes the construction of a suitable and beautiful booth.

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