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Beauty world me 2022 DubaiThe Beauty world 2022 exhibition is considered one of the largest cosmetics and beauty exhibitions in the Middle East, which will be held in the United Arab Emirates from October 31 to November 2, 2022. The Dubai beauty and cosmetics exhibition invite a large number of participants from all over the world, including Asia, from manufacturers and artisans of this product. to display their products this summer.

What is the Beauty world 2022 exhibition?

Beauty world 2022 exhibition is the premier exhibition for cosmetics, fragrances, and spa facilities in the Middle East, which is held every year in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This exhibition was held in Dubai under the name Gulf Beauty until 2002. For now, the Beauty world 2022 exhibition, has become one of the most important exhibitions of the world’s cosmetics industry, which is unique on a global scale. Every year, thousands of reputable companies in the world provide a platform for expanding the network of business partners, selling products, and receiving suggestions and criticisms by displaying cosmetic, beauty, and hair health products, skin, perfume, and cologne.

What is the time and place of the Beauty world 2022 exhibition?

After 19 years of successful hosting and evolution, Beauty world 2022 exhibition in Dubai has become an important representative of the cosmetics industry and has played an essential role in the development and growth of this industry. Owners of beauty salons and spas, retailers, and physiotherapists from Middle East countries visit this exhibition to learn about new beauty products and innovations and to place orders. This year, from October 5, 2021, the city of Dubai will host the Dubai Beauty wold Middle East cosmetics exhibition for 3 days. According to statistics, this exhibition hosted more than 1700 exhibitors and 36,000 visitors from more than 140 countries in 2019.
If you are active in the cosmetics industry and the future is important to you, we advise you to use this opportunity to create more opportunities in your business. Dubai World Trade Center, with its unique location, is ready to host hundreds of companies active in this industry. Dubai World Trade Center is located in Dubai’s business district next to Sheikh Zayed Road. In addition to using private cars and taxis, this center can be accessed through the World Trade Center metro station.

Products offered at the exhibition

Beauty world 2022 exhibition is a leading exhibition in the field of cosmetics, health products, health and beauty products, perfumes, and colognes in the Middle East. This exhibition has played a vital role in the growth and development of this industry by presenting global products and brands. Originally acquired from Gulf Beauty in 2002 by Frankfurt Messe, the fair has been transformed with a new name, a new concept, and a new program. Now, this exhibition is part of a series of very successful exhibitions with exhibitions held in Frankfurt and Japan.
1. Aromatherapy
2. Bathroom-related products
3. Health-related products
4. Beauty items and cosmetics
5. supplements
6. Pharmacy items
7. Hair care products
8. Oral care products
9. cosmetic products
10. Offering a variety of perfumes and colognes
11. Various sun creams
12. Products related to a manicure (the beauty of hands and nails)
13. Products related to a pedicure (leg and nail beauty)
14. Tanning beds

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