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Big5 2022 DubaiDubai Big 5 2022 exhibition is one of the most important exhibitions in the field of construction and architecture industry in the world, which gathers many experts from all over the world in one place every year. At the Dubai Big construction industry exhibition, interested parties will see the most up-to-date and important as well as the most widely used tools in the world’s construction and architecture industry.

What is the Big 5 2022 exhibition?

The Big 5 2022 exhibition in Dubai has provided a unique platform for the growth and success of experts and engineers in the construction industry. The Big Five Dubai Expo has united construction professionals under one roof and provided industry stakeholders with cutting-edge innovation, know-how, and business opportunities. This exhibition started in 1979. As the global center in Dubai, Big 5 has provided the conditions to have access to the latest environmental construction solutions at the international and local levels. In addition, the event is respected for valuable strategic content plus CPD1 technical certified workshops alongside prestigious awards.
Real estate developers, architects, engineers, consultants, fabricators, and distributors from around the world gather here to network, share knowledge and build long-term business relationships. Today, the Big 5 2022 exhibition is the largest and most influential construction event in the Middle East and Africa.

The Sections in the Big 5 Dubai

Dubai Big 5 2022 exhibition includes seven dedicated production sections and its stage, along with nine specialized events that meet the needs of a specific audience and provide the general needs of the structure’s life cycle:
Sections of Big 5 2022 exhibition: Facade and door and window and Middle East concrete section, Gulf glass, HVACR expo, Middle East stone, Solar technology section, Urban design, and landscape expo and FM expo. The products you are looking for are all under one roof and are provided by leading local and international suppliers of the industry, suppliers who showcase the latest solutions and innovations in the construction industry.
It is very important to participate in this type of exhibition on different subjects. The first point is that very important and successful people are invited to this exhibition. For example, the best and most experienced as well as the most successful architectural and civil engineers will participate in the construction industry exhibition in Dubai. In the Big 5 2022 exhibition in Dubai, the best information that can help the students of this field or those interested in this field is usually stated. For those who have the opportunity to attend this exhibition and can use it properly.

The booths in the Big 5 Dubai exhibition

The Big 5 2022 exhibition will be held on September 18-21, 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Center at Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Center – Trade Center 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
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