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Review of GITEX 2022 exhibitionReview of GITEX 2022 exhibition Dubai , which will be held from October 18 to 22, is a gathering place for creative people, innovators, innovators, and successful entrepreneurs in the field of technology and technology industry, which has an important role and influence in the growing progress of the world. For this reason, attending such an exhibition is a treasure and a golden opportunity that connects you to successful and expert people.

What is the GITEX 2022 exhibition?

The GITEX 2022 exhibition, which is held every year in the United Arab Emirates and the city of Dubai, is considered one of the most influential and important Events in the technology industry. Every year, this exhibition is held under the title of GITEX exhibition for idea makers, innovators, and enthusiasts of the technology industry and brings together innovative and creative people from all over the world.

Why is participation in the GITEX exhibition particularly important?

GITEX 2022 exhibition is one of the most famous exhibitions in the field of technology and technology. By displaying the latest technology and the world’s first-hand technologies, this world exhibition promises innovations that are going to change the world and inspire future generations. Also, GITEX 2022 exhibition is an opportunity for many managers, experts, and senior managers of many companies in the field of technology to meet in this huge community. More than 100,000 visitors are expected to attend this year’s GITEX exhibition.

Division of GITEX 2022exhibition Booths

Innovators and innovators have gathered in this exhibition by reserving booths for their companies and what they intend to introduce and present to the world. There are many sections in these booths that you can visit or go directly to your favorite section. If we want to introduce you to the division of GITEX 2022 exhibition booths in general, this division is as follows.

  1. Developers of software development methods and service systems
  2. Providers of service systems
  3. Cloud infrastructure developers
  4. Cloud security solution providers
  5. Consultants
  6. Server Builders
  7. Storage providers
  8. Software and hardware systems manufacturing companies
  9. Golf Comms section of Dubai Technology and Technology Fair
  10. Consumer technology sector

Division of GITEX 2022 exhibition booths

List of some companies and brands that are present in this year’s exhibition

Some well-known companies and brands in the field of technology and technology are also present at this year’s GITEX 2022 exhibition, either as sponsors or intending to surprise the world by presenting new products and emerging tools from the age of communication and the Internet. Here we mention some of these companies and brands that are present at the GITEX 2022 exhibition.

  1. Cisco
  2. Huawei
  3. Microsoft
  4. Ericsson
  5. Dell Technologies
  6. Nokia
  7. Aws
  8. Lenovo
  9. Oracle
  10. Deloitte

Important points about GITEX 2022 exhibition

Visitors can access DWTC Free-WIFI throughout the GITEX 2022 exhibition. Of course, exhibitors will have access to dedicated WIFI lines. Both paid and free parking is available in this exhibition. The parking facilities of this DWTC exhibition have the capacity of more than 5000 vehicles in the form of paid and free parking lots. Also, the multi-story parking lot behind Sheikh Rashid Hall has 1385 parking spaces, but for a fee. The parking lot next to the Sheikh Rashid Tower has a capacity of 885 vehicles. Metro or taxi is the best option for easy access to GITEX 2022 exhibition. For the metro, take the Red Line to Dubai World Trade Center Station. Metro runs every seven minutes to all major commercial, tourist, and residential areas. The venue of the GITEX 2022 exhibition is the Dubai World Trade Center, at the address of Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Center – Trade Center 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
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