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Review of GITEX 2022 exhibitionReview of GITEX 2022 exhibition Dubai , which will be held from October 18 to 22, is a gathering place for creative people, innovators, innovators, and successful entrepreneurs in the field of technology and technology industry, which has an important role and influence in the growing progress of the world. For this reason, attending such an exhibition is a treasure and a golden opportunity that connects you to successful and expert people.

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print & pack exhibition

The Gulf Print & pack exhibition

Gulf Print & Pack exhibition is an important name for those active in different print industry segments. This phenomenal annual event attracts more than 7500 participants and visitors from more than 90 countries worldwide. This event, however, is mainly meant for Asian, African, and Middle Eastern markets. The Gulf Print & Pack exhibition mainly serves print manufacturers and industry professionals with solutions, state-of-art machinery, and techniques. All the industry segments, including publishers, graphics, and other forms of print and publishing solutions, can benefit from this international and critical event. Continue reading

In our digital age, where most of the marketing is taking place online, there is a general perception that exhibitions are no longer beneficial for industries and businesses. Nevertheless, this is the wrong mindset. Trade shows and exhibitions are still unique and impactful opportunities for businesses to gain access to a bigger audience and a high-standing recognition. While these are the most important benefits of attending trade shows for businesses, in what follows, we will review other, equally important, benefits of these events.

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Dubai Plastics Industry Exhibition Booth (ArabPlast)

Dubai Plastics Industry Exhibition Booth (ArabPlast) has a special place among most of the exhibitors because of partners and business audiences and the display of special and special goods. The design and construction  of the exhibition booth should be done under the type and purpose of attending the exhibition. Besides having a creative idea in the design and build up of the stand, knowing the materials for the construction  of exhibition booths, the correct use of light, color, sound and form is very important. For example, the colors used in the booth should be in perfect harmony with each other and the type of company logo. All this shows that building an exhibition booth is a very complex and specialized task. Aria Media is the contractor of the exhibition booth ،You can leave any part of your exhibition booth work to our professional experts in Aria Media. They face these challenges every day and provide you with the right practical solutions to help you achieve your goals. Just choose from the following services. Wooden booth Construction  is also in Aria Media’s work plan. Customizing the exhibition booth is our job. Aria Media is the builder of the best type of exhibition booth.

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Aria Media is the contractor of the exhibition booth  and has a lot of experience in the buildup of this type of exhibition stand. Customizing the exhibition booth  is our job. There are different exhibition equipment and also the breadth of advertising and display methods has caused the exhibition equipment to be very widespread. If you want to have a beautiful exhibition space and booth  in Qatar Tourism, Hospitality and Related Industries Exhibition, we have provided all the exhibition equipment for you in Aria Media Collection. Exhibition equipment items cover a wide range, including counters, tables, counters, chairs, metal and plastic, shelves and cupboards, refrigerators, water coolers and water heaters, single and double sofas, chairs Counter, LCD and Plasma TV, video projection, DVD, space frame, exhibition space and all kinds of stands, flags, etc. were mentioned. You can contact the experts of our company to buy or rent exhibition equipment, and after getting acquainted with the product you need, order that product in the same way. Customization of the wooden booth  is done by Aria Media.

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Baku Build Industry fair

Booth construction in Aria Media is easy .Because of implementing development-oriented policies in Azerbaijan, various exhibitions are held every year at the Baku International Exhibition Center. These exhibitions are a good opportunity for Iranian traders, craftsmen and tourists to actively  take part in their business and contribute to the development of industry, trade and tourism. Aria Media is the contractor of the exhibition booth and has a lot of experience in the buildup of this type of exhibition stand. Customizing the exhibition booth is our job. Wooden booth Construction is also in Aria Media’s work plan. In designing exhibition booths, creativity in design, elegance and beauty, along with the use of quality structures and modern materials in the world, is the most important feature of a unique project that Aria Media Company helps you to achieve by observing all your requirements.


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Gitex Dubai

Gitex Dubai (Dubai Technology) will be held 17 to 21 Oct 2021in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Gitex Middle East is the most well-known ICT Exhibition across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Each year, the event brings together the world’s top technology manufacturers and the region and the largest number of senior managers from various companies and industry professionals. It also identifies the latest global developments in the information technology industry and presents them in new events or conference programmes. GITEX UAE is an opportunity to develop your business, identify and meet closely with suppliers, buy and order and represent products, as well as find new business opportunities. It should be noted that the event will be held concurrently with Infocom Dubai in one place. Aria Media Company is active in the design of the Exhibition booth and has enough experience in booth construction.

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Plast Eurasia Exhibition of Plastics and Related Industries, Turk

Plast Eurasia Exhibition of Plastics and Related Industries, Turkey (Plast Eurasia) will be held from 1 to 4 December 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey. Plast Eurasia Exhibition of Plastics and Related Industries, Turkey (Plast Eurasia) is the largest plastics exhibition held in the Eurasia region. In this prestigious world exhibition, machines for the production of plastics, chemicals and raw materials, machines and auxiliary industries, heat and control equipment, molds, hydraulic and pneumatic, recycling methods, etc. are presented. This exhibition is an opportunity to take part in international markets and especially to find large markets in the Eurasian region, and therefore it is very important. Discovering the latest technologies, registering your brand and introducing your brand to the world and b2b meetings, developing a business strategy and comparing prices and products are some benefits of attending the Turkish Plastics Exhibition.


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Aria Media and booth construction

Stand contractor in Iran (Iran Elecomp fair)booth  and is a member of the Booth  Builders Association, under the executive regulations of the International Exhibition Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with a group of experts and active in administrative and executive units. In order to satisfy customers, it has always put increasing quality and reducing costs at the top of its business.This complex with over 10 years of experience in design, construction of exhibition stands, interior decoration and all advertising affairs tailored to the conditions and needs of the customer is ready to serve, and we sincerely hope to be an introduction to productive cooperation. You can contact Aria Media Company and ask questions you have about the construction and design of the exhibition booth. This company gives you advice and uses the best Iranian designers to design the booth.


Introducing Iran Elecomp Exhibition

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Give us your tradeshow booth design. The builder of the exhibition booth will observe all the points related to the exhibition. Dubai Medical Devices Exhibition (Arab Health) will be held 21 Jun to 24 Jun 24, 2011 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Arab Health is the largest exhibition and congress in the Middle East and the second largest medical exhibition in the world. In fact, there are no other important areas for the “medical equipment and care” market like this exhibition in the world where you can learn, meet other businessmen and activists and do business. Visitors can meet with global industry pioneers in regional and international organizations over four days and benefit from offering a wide range of products and services simultaneously. In the last edition, over 4,000 manufacturers, distributors and related service companies showcased their latest technologies, innovations and ways to exploit them. Among the products and services exhibited by manufacturers and distributors are medical equipment products, laboratory equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, physiotherapy and orthopedic technologies, hospital goods and consumables, ICT surgical products and services in healthcare, facility management, medical services, radiology, consulting services in healthcare. Arab Health is the largest gathering of traders and specialists in medical care equipment in the Middle East, and you will see the largest medical and related equipment activists from different countries who are also present, and in a business and educational environment with their colleagues who have a deep working relationship that will provide you with a unique experience. Lovers of this branch of science.

Exhibition booth design

Aria Media Company is an exhibition booth designer and operator of an exhibition booths in Iran, having a booth construction grade from the International Exhibition Joint Stock Company and an annual performance of 2000 meters of special booth construction in all domestic exhibitions and other exhibition activities (printing, advertising and branding).

Booth design | Exhibition booth construction, booth construction, booth construction, booth construction

Aria Media with its own workshop and modern equipment to build a booth and a collection of experienced personnel in special booth construction in a variety of styles and an independent warehouse of an exhibition equipment and complete equipment during the exhibition, including: modern lighting equipment, furniture, city TV And..), meets all the needs of esteemed participants in holding conferences and booth construction. Exhibition booth construction, booth construction, booth design, booth construction, booth, booth decoration.

The design and construction of an exhibition stand is very important for most exhibitors because it is very effective in achieving the goals set for the presence and success of each company in the exhibition. Since the booth of each company is one of the main pillars of presence and one of the effective and important factors in the success of any exhibition, in this course of designing exhibition booths, the steps of how to design and decorate booths in exhibitions are comprehensively discussed. The Buildup Exhibition booth is difficult.

Aria Media:

The contractor usually takes over the project. You can contact Aria Media Company and ask questions you have about the construction and design of the exhibition booth. This company gives you advice and uses the best Iranian designers to design the booth.

Introducing the Oman health exhibition:

The Oman Health Exhibition and Conference has been held in Muscat since November 30, 2020, Oman. This exhibition is basically an event that is held annually in Oman and is related to the health sector. Booth Construction is one of the most important items for the exhibition. Because this exhibition is holding its ninth event and is mostly related to the field of medicine, for this reason, it usually displays medical technologies, and usually the manufacturers consider this exhibition to be very important for the presentation of their products. Introduce your company’s brand to the global health and medical community at the Oman Health Exhibition and Conference and attract new customers. The Oman Health Exhibition and Conference is focused on keeping health care facilities and the capabilities of medical occupational. Continue reading

Oman Construction Industry Exhibition (BIG Show) will hold from 02 to 04 April 1400 in Muscat, Oman. Oman Construction Industry Exhibition (BIG Show) is the largest and most important event in architecture and construction in Oman. This international Exhibition is held annually and feeds the construction and architecture industry in Oman, the Middle East and global markets. One feature of this Exhibition is the supply of a wide range of construction materials, architectural equipment, woodworking machines, interior furniture and other products, equipment and technologies available for construction operations. The Exhibition first opened in 1995 as Interiors and Builder and was renamed the Big Show in 1995 to further strengthen its position in the market. This annual Exhibition provides a platform for local and international companies to take advantage of the industry’s major opportunities, and familiarize them with current developments in local and global markets.

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Let us first see how the booth Design benefits and benefits the exhibitor. The booth has a lot to say to the visitors, although it cannot speak, it tells the story of your business to the visitors in a visual way. The appearance of the booth alone is an advertisement for you. It is a good advertisement when the shape and image of the booth are considered and it is Design and arranged with new and interesting ideas, and when the Design of the booth does not matter and the equipment of the booth is disproportionately and unknowingly arranged, it is an advertisement. It’s bad for business. The construction of the exhibition booth is done by Aria Media Company.

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by Aria Media Company

Booth Design: This article deals with the construction of an exhibition booth، Turkey is one of the economically important countries in the region, located between Asia and Europe, it has become a crossroads of countries and a route for trade between continents. The country holds big exhibitions every year, it is very important to design Booths in these exhibitions, therefore, we as Booth builders are trusted by many brands who are proud of design and construction in various exhibitions and in faraway countries. And we have been close, we suggest companies and brands that intend to expand their brand and globalize the brand to review and participate in the exhibition related to their industry in Istanbul. A Booth is built in different dimensions. The exhibition stand was designed by professionals Continue reading

Establishment of an exhibition booth in Doha, Qatar

Exhibitions today are places that attract a lot of people from all over the world and create a connection between people and different brands that can ultimately meet their needs. Today, in many countries, different types of international exhibitions are established, in which different people from different countries can show their products in their constructions and stands in these exhibitions and different people so that they can introduce it to the world and thus gain a lot of profits. Qatar is one of the countries where a large number of exhibitions are held every year. Qatar is one of the countries that has established and buildup good relations between Asian countries and European and American countries, and many people travel to this country from Europe and the United States every year. So, for Asian countries, participating in Qatar exhibitions is a great opportunity that can help them introduce their products to the world and export them to European and American countries. In the following, we will pay you for the design of the booth in Qatar and in the city of Doha. If you also want to know more about this relationship, we suggest that you stay with us until the end of the text.  Exhibitions held in Qatar include the Qatar Project Exhibition, the Doha Book Fair, the International Tourism Fair, and the Luxury Goods Fair.

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