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Plast Eurasia Exhibition of Plastics and Related Industries, Turk

Plast Eurasia Exhibition of Plastics and Related Industries, Turkey (Plast Eurasia) will be held from 1 to 4 December 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey. Plast Eurasia Exhibition of Plastics and Related Industries, Turkey (Plast Eurasia) is the largest plastics exhibition held in the Eurasia region. In this prestigious world exhibition, machines for the production of plastics, chemicals and raw materials, machines and auxiliary industries, heat and control equipment, molds, hydraulic and pneumatic, recycling methods, etc. are presented. This exhibition is an opportunity to take part in international markets and especially to find large markets in the Eurasian region, and therefore it is very important. Discovering the latest technologies, registering your brand and introducing your brand to the world and b2b meetings, developing a business strategy and comparing prices and products are some benefits of attending the Turkish Plastics Exhibition.




How to have a unique exhibition stand

One of the most important things for brand and business owners that can happen a lot during the year is to take part in international exhibitions and compete with other companies; In the meantime, having a suitable exhibition stand can be very important. Therefore, in this article, we have tried to express some things about having a unique exhibition booth.

Lighting in the exhibition booth

Taking part in various exhibitions and having a suitable exhibition booth can definitely be a very fruitful work that if this exhibition is set up properly, it will definitely bring you unique sales and profits. Now keep in mind that in the meantime, paying attention to points such as lighting in the exhibition booth can help you have a unique booth. It is necessary to use lighting with modern equipment to build the booth, because this will increase the attention of customers to your products. Note that statistics show that the use of lighting and its design can increase customer attention by up to 50%.

Design and construction of exhibition stand _ Aria Media booth construction. The Buildup Exhibition booth is difficult.

Stand construction

Picking up showcases and exhibition booths is another thing that, along with proper lighting, can attract customers’ attention. Now note that if you pass this on to experts and people with experience in these matters, you will definitely be able to achieve a better result. It is necessary to know that readability and transparency and fit are very important in picking up the showcase and building the exhibition booth, and it can be said that the shop window is the bridge between the customers and the shop. You can make a positive impact on customers by using the right showcase and easily convey a clear and transparent message to them.

Aria media

The contractor usually takes over the project. You can contact Aria Media Company and ask questions you have about the construction and design of the exhibition booth. This company gives you advice and uses the best Iranian designers to design the booth. Aria Media ensures that the best technicians to build exhibition booths apply.