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Aria Media is the contractor of the exhibition booth  and has a lot of experience in the buildup of this type of exhibition stand. Customizing the exhibition booth  is our job. There are different exhibition equipment and also the breadth of advertising and display methods has caused the exhibition equipment to be very widespread. If you want to have a beautiful exhibition space and booth  in Qatar Tourism, Hospitality and Related Industries Exhibition, we have provided all the exhibition equipment for you in Aria Media Collection. Exhibition equipment items cover a wide range, including counters, tables, counters, chairs, metal and plastic, shelves and cupboards, refrigerators, water coolers and water heaters, single and double sofas, chairs Counter, LCD and Plasma TV, video projection, DVD, space frame, exhibition space and all kinds of stands, flags, etc. were mentioned. You can contact the experts of our company to buy or rent exhibition equipment, and after getting acquainted with the product you need, order that product in the same way. Customization of the wooden booth  is done by Aria Media.

Food & Hospitality Qatar fair

Qatar Tourism, Hospitality and Related Industries Exhibition will be held from 18 to 20 November 2021in Doha, Qatar. Qatar Tourism, Hospitality and Related Industries Exhibition is a unique trade fair dedicated to the developing tourism and hospitality industry in Qatar and the Middle East. By creating a combination of exhibition space, business meeting schedule, workshops and other exciting events this exhibition will examine all aspects of the hotel and tourism sector and the investment market in 4 degrees. Held annually in Qatar, it provides the best venue for hotel and tourism investors, hotel owners, builders, restaurants, coffee shops and suppliers to showcase their latest products. Find profitable businesses for business and connect with the industry’s major stakeholders in the region. , And enables them to meet in private places during the exhibition. Take this exceptional opportunity to establish new connections and develop your business in the area.