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Let us first see how the booth Design benefits and benefits the exhibitor. The booth has a lot to say to the visitors, although it cannot speak, it tells the story of your business to the visitors in a visual way. The appearance of the booth alone is an advertisement for you. It is a good advertisement when the shape and image of the booth are considered and it is Design and arranged with new and interesting ideas, and when the Design of the booth does not matter and the equipment of the booth is disproportionately and unknowingly arranged, it is an advertisement. It’s bad for business. The construction of the exhibition booth is done by Aria Media Company.

Be a professional

The clever and beautiful Design and layout of the booth send the message to the visitors that profession and you are a dynamic and motivated business. They draw energy from your dynamism and motivation and ensure the quality and support of your products.  The Buildup exhibition booth is difficult.Differentiating between booths, both in terms of product quality and variety, and in terms of both Design and layout, sets your business account apart from the rest, and you stand out for your visitors. Imagine that I Design and arrange my booth in advertising handicrafts in such a way that it stands out among the booths. This will make my business, at least in my hometown, a craft and art brand, and I will be better known.

What is the space of the booth?

We may think that for a beautiful and standard Design of the booth, the booth space must be large, but this is not necessarily the case. The amount of space required for the booth depends on:

Purposes of design

An exhibition booth can be set up for one or more purposes, and the amount of space required is affected by these goals. For example, I have only one goal for the exhibition, and that is to sell my works of art and handicrafts, so I do not need so much space.


Once the goal is determined, we need to see how much space we need, depending on the number and volume of products and supplies we want to bring to the show. If the number or volume of equipment in the booth is more than the capacity of the booth, the booth will be crowded and disordered, and if the space is large in relation about the number and volume of equipment, more space will be displayed than the products. to fit the equipment inside the booth and the amount of space required, you put yourself in the place of visitors and look at it from their perspective.


The arrangement of the booth equipment also affects the space of the booth. Sometimes the equipment of the booth is arranged so neatly and in harmony with the space that it is not clear how much or how little equipment is inside the booth, and sometimes improper arrangement makes us feel that we have a lot of space in the booth or space is limited. Aria Media Company is a contractor and booth build.