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Aria Media and booth construction

Stand contractor in Iran (Iran Elecomp fair)booth  and is a member of the Booth  Builders Association, under the executive regulations of the International Exhibition Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with a group of experts and active in administrative and executive units. In order to satisfy customers, it has always put increasing quality and reducing costs at the top of its business.This complex with over 10 years of experience in design, construction of exhibition stands, interior decoration and all advertising affairs tailored to the conditions and needs of the customer is ready to serve, and we sincerely hope to be an introduction to productive cooperation. You can contact Aria Media Company and ask questions you have about the construction and design of the exhibition booth. This company gives you advice and uses the best Iranian designers to design the booth.


Introducing Iran Elecomp Exhibition

Elecomp is the world’s largest technology event in design, manufacturing and supporting products, services, content and solutions for the electronics, computer and digital industries. Elecomp is held every year with a large and impressive presence of those involved in this field and their audiences in the permanent place of Tehran’s international exhibitions. Elecomp is a platform where annual stakeholders of the development of the digital economy explore the market opportunities to position their products and services and showcase their annual performance and referee customers and users to help deepen and expand the country’s economy by stimulating market demand. Achieving knowledge-based economy and deepening the country’s biotech economy cannot be achieved except with the active participation of all stakeholders of the economy and digital transformation in various fields of electronics, computers (hardware and software) and the powerful presence of actors from different economic, industrial and service sectors of the country.

The Elecomp Trends

The Elecomp Trends section aims to showcase the achievements, capabilities and capabilities of members on the latest global trends. Government agencies have broadly shown their achievements for people and private sector businesses to develop and make public services available by contributing to public capabilities and attracting partnerships. In order to share the efforts, networking and synergy of the experiences of technologists in various fields of ICT in Elecomp Talks, discourse in the areas of digital transformation, digital economy, e-government and smart cities and many strategic or operational categories in electronics and computers are discussed.

Everything you need to know the about exhibition booth

A good exhibition booth should be designed in such a way that it can introduce the product well to the visitor. Depending on the selected design, the cost of building an exhibition booth will be different. Exhibition events are a good opportunity for a company to better promote its products. For this reason, the exhibition booth can be an important factor in attracting viewers. The Buildup Exhibition booth is difficult.

Exhibition booth construction cost

There are many companies make mistakes for getting started in an event that will save them trouble. The first mistake these companies make is not managing the cost of exhibiting booths properly. In order to properly manage the cost of building an exhibition booth, it is better to get help from companies that specialize in this field. Here we introduce you to the right choice of exhibition booth costs. in aria media, the contractor usually takes over the project.