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Oman Construction Industry Exhibition (BIG Show) will hold from 02 to 04 April 1400 in Muscat, Oman. Oman Construction Industry Exhibition (BIG Show) is the largest and most important event in architecture and construction in Oman. This international Exhibition is held annually and feeds the construction and architecture industry in Oman, the Middle East and global markets. One feature of this Exhibition is the supply of a wide range of construction materials, architectural equipment, woodworking machines, interior furniture and other products, equipment and technologies available for construction operations. The Exhibition first opened in 1995 as Interiors and Builder and was renamed the Big Show in 1995 to further strengthen its position in the market. This annual Exhibition provides a platform for local and international companies to take advantage of the industry’s major opportunities, and familiarize them with current developments in local and global markets.

Booth construction

Exhibition booth building is a powerful tool, the product of the participant’s careful planning and the creative idea of the designer and the unique performance of the contractor to display a variety of activities and sales techniques.

To have a successful presence in the Exhibition, with the help of consultants and designers, your booth can be turned into a special place to attract visitors.

In designing Exhibition booths, creativity in design, elegance and beauty along with the use of quality structures and modern materials is the most important feature of a unique project that Aria Media Company helps you to achieve this goal by observing all the requirements.

Interior decoration

Our main goal is to engineer and build architectural and interior decoration projects, which is a bridge to achieve all the goals that are perhaps more than you can imagine.

In order to cooperate with creative designers and experienced contractors and to use the best materials, this company has provided you with a relaxing, practical and beautiful environment that suits the needs and desires of the customer.

Booth construction

Besides building your brand booth, Aria Media Company will match your design request for different types of media, from small shops to large shopping malls with custom solutions. Our set of services in this section is complete and from design to installation and technical support. This way, your brand will be displayed clearly. The Buildup Exhibition booth is difficult


By using a quality and qualified engineering team, high-quality materials and advanced methods, we can provide a successful quality result.

Shop stand

All manufacturers have a difficult path to show their products. A great way to do this is to use product display stands and showcases made of different materials such as glass, Plexiglas, MDF and methods such as laser cutting, CNC to print directly on the material of the products. The goal of Aria Media Company is to use different materials and methods, so that you can show your brand in a very elegant and stylish way. Leave the construction of your booth to Aria Media Company.