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by Aria Media Company

Booth Design: This article deals with the construction of an exhibition booth، Turkey is one of the economically important countries in the region, located between Asia and Europe, it has become a crossroads of countries and a route for trade between continents. The country holds big exhibitions every year, it is very important to design Booths in these exhibitions, therefore, we as Booth builders are trusted by many brands who are proud of design and construction in various exhibitions and in faraway countries. And we have been close, we suggest companies and brands that intend to expand their brand and globalize the brand to review and participate in the exhibition related to their industry in Istanbul. A Booth is built in different dimensions. The exhibition stand was designed by professionals

Plast Urasia Fair:

Plast Eurasia Exhibition of Plastics and Related Industries, Turkey (Plast Eurasia) will be held from 1 to 3 December 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey. Plast Eurasia Exhibition of Plastics and Related Industries, Turkey (Plast Eurasia) is the largest plastics exhibition held in the Eurasia region.

 In this prestigious world exhibition, machines for the production of plastics, chemicals and raw materials, machines and auxiliary industries, heat and control equipment, molds, hydraulic and pneumatic, recycling methods, etc. are presented. This exhibition is an opportunity to participate in international markets and especially to find large markets in the Eurasian region, and therefore it is very important. Discovering the latest technologies, registering your brand and introducing your brand to the world and b٢b meetings, developing a business strategy and comparing prices and products are some of the benefits of attending the Turkish Plastics Exhibition. Plast Eurasia Plastic and Related Industries Exhibition, Turkey (Plast Eurasia) is an event and I love events.

Automechanika Fair:

Automechanika Istanbul exhibition will be held from 05 to 08 July 2021 in Istanbul, Turkey. Automechanika Istanbul is Turkey’s most important international automotive exhibition. Entering the Turkish car market requires preparation and refinement. If you want to enter this fast growing market or if you want to expand your current business in Turkey, Automechanika Istanbul is the right platform for you. The exhibition has become a meeting place for Turkish businessmen and other industry activists from neighboring countries and surrounding areas, bringing together key industry players from Turkey and Europe.

Domotex Fair:

Turkey Carpet & Flooring Exhibition (DOMOTEX) is known as the world of flooring in Europe. This exhibition is a wonderful experience for both exhibitors and visitors. This exhibition is a reliable place to be aware of valuable and reliable information on market trends and a source of vital information in this industry. All the audience groups of this exhibition can see and get acquainted with the latest products from carpets to different types of flooring. The exhibition attracts the industry’s top professionals for a comprehensive overview of the market during the 4 days of the event from around the world. The Turkey Flooring Fair can help you reach your key business partners and enter a new phase of business. This business event is an opportunity to impress your audience with your company’s business products and services, you must attend and you must be prepared in advance to get the best possible results. In this exhibition, you can achieve everything you need with the greatest amount of success.

Beauty Fair: Istanbul Care and Beauty Fair is an exhibition with a very high capacity to introduce cosmetic products and services. This fair has been held several times and every year the best global brands introduce their products. The Turkish market is a very suitable market for trade development and population. Its 4 million provides a very popular market. There are more than 3,000 beauty salons in the country, and more than € 2.5 billion a year is spent on cosmetics, which paves the way for more sales. Participating in this exhibition gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the best brands and be able to develop your business.

World food Fair: World Food Istanbul is the largest and most successful food and beverage exhibition in Turkey. The annual event attracts more than 3 local and international food producers to network, negotiate and trade with buyers in the Turkish food industry. Since 1995, the Istanbul Food Industry Exhibition has been a reliable event for the market, reflecting the trends and tendencies of the industry, initiating international cooperation, and bringing the latest food and beverage products to the Turkish market. Buyers from many neighboring countries, such as the Arab Gulf states and the Middle East, will attend the fair. You need to attend this event to not only meet your existing customers, but also make new connections. The Turkish Food Industry Fair is an ideal place to showcase all your products, especially your new products. To gain an understanding of the food industry in Turkey, you should attend an event such as the Istanbul Food Industry Fair

Aria Media Company: Aria Media Company’s Booth-making group, with more than 15 years of specialized Booth Buildup in Iran and different countries for the well-being of customers, in addition to its specialized services, also reserves the exhibition space and coordinates BTB meetings. Aria media is the builder of exhibition Booths. Booth‘s professional contractor usually acts in this collection.

Exhibition Booth construction; ‌ Aria Media Exhibition Booth Design and Construction Unit tries to find what you need to effectively attend an exhibition; from consulting to planning and implementation, using marketing expertise and years of hands-on experience.

Presenting a special Booth design based on the location of the Booth in the hall, your budget and needs in the form of a three-dimensional plan for the indoor or outdoor exhibition is one of the unique features of Aria Media Booth construction that will significantly increase your presence. It is full of colors in the exhibition and on the other hand, optimizing the design of the desired Booth, reduces costs significantly.