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Gitex Dubai

Gitex Dubai (Dubai Technology) will be held 17 to 21 Oct 2021in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Gitex Middle East is the most well-known ICT Exhibition across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Each year, the event brings together the world’s top technology manufacturers and the region and the largest number of senior managers from various companies and industry professionals. It also identifies the latest global developments in the information technology industry and presents them in new events or conference programmes. GITEX UAE is an opportunity to develop your business, identify and meet closely with suppliers, buy and order and represent products, as well as find new business opportunities. It should be noted that the event will be held concurrently with Infocom Dubai in one place. Aria Media Company is active in the design of the Exhibition booth and has enough experience in booth construction.

Learn more about Gitex Dubai

In this article, we are going to provide information about GITEX Dubai if you want to take part or get information about GITEX Dubai 2021. Held every year in Dubai, GITEX is one of the most important and famous ICT Exhibitions held in the Middle East, with many companies attending, increasing each year. See the brands taking part in Gitex Dubai in this article. Gitex 2021 is one of the oldest Exhibitions held in the Middle East and in Dubai. It was first held in 1981 and has continued to this day. There are senior managers of many of the world’s leading companies and brands, along with other companies introducing their new products. Visiting the Exhibition is also very high. In 2017 about 100,000 people visited the Exhibition and became familiar with ICT innovations. In the same year, about 5,000 exhibitors from a variety of nationalities took part, GITEX Dubai provides a good opportunity for ICT enthusiasts to get to know the latest technologies in the world. Read more about Gitex Dubai here. Exhibition and advertising stand design is done by Aria Media Company.

Stages of Gitex Middle East

Gitex Dubai is held every year in two time frames, the first of which is in spring, in 2021 for five days, the second phase of Gitex Dubai in the autumn, which takes place in October, the second stage of Gitex Dubai 2021, which is actually the 38th edition of the Exhibition, which is 17 to 21 October. Like many years, the Exhibition will be held in a variety of fields where enthusiasts can attend from 11 am to 19 pm and get to know new communication and information technologies closely. Read more about Gitex Dubai here. Aria Media Company is a very skilled builder of Exhibition fair

Topics of Gitex Middle East

Gitex Dubai is held every year on a variety of topics we can say that everything related to the field of information and communication technology was in the category of GITEX Dubai, it was in hardware, software, smart systems, smart home, smart city, smart workplace, blockchain technology, network security, 3D printing, specialized platform, drone, drone, etc. There are a variety of companies in these fields, as the topics of GITEX Dubai are very diverse in it for those working in this field, it can be a very convenient opportunity to communicate and exchange information. Don’t miss the exceptional opportunity to attend Gitex Dubai.

The Importance of Gitex Middle East

Gitex is of great importance to booth contractors and visitors, and companies and brands that attend can unveil their latest products and do both advertising and marketing for them. Visitors can also increase their information on ICT and connect with major global companies and brands, expand their business relationships and promote their business. Aria Media Company is a very skilled builder of Exhibition fairs.