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Introducing the Oman health exhibition:

The Oman Health Exhibition and Conference has been held in Muscat since November 30, 2020, Oman. This exhibition is basically an event that is held annually in Oman and is related to the health sector. Booth Construction is one of the most important items for the exhibition. Because this exhibition is holding its ninth event and is mostly related to the field of medicine, for this reason, it usually displays medical technologies, and usually the manufacturers consider this exhibition to be very important for the presentation of their products. Introduce your company’s brand to the global health and medical community at the Oman Health Exhibition and Conference and attract new customers. The Oman Health Exhibition and Conference is focused on keeping health care facilities and the capabilities of medical occupational.

Oman International Exhibition and Conference on Medical Equipment and Services

The purpose of this exhibition is all aspects of the medical and health industry, a window to health products, medical and health services and facilities, and an opportunity for further development, better trade and more appropriate investment. The exhibition was established in 2009 and in 2013 could receive the UFI certificate. The Oman Medical and Health Conference are in line with the government’s vision 2050and aims to address the challenges and the debate to improve the medical sector. This exhibition is the most advanced health and medical exhibition in Oman and the only exhibition that has been approved and certified by the World Exhibition Industry Company.


Attending the exhibition and booth Construction

Attending this exhibition can be an opportunity to introduce products and services in medicine, identify new business opportunities and expand trade networks with the countries bordering the Persian Gulf. The goods and products that can be offered in this exhibition area:

Types of medical and hospital equipment, technology and medical services, hospital consumables, laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical products, formulations and pharmaceuticals, organic products, fortifying drugs, sports club equipment and health management, medical tourism, associations, hospitals, airlines ; Accommodation centers, Health and medical rehabilitation centers, Associations, Hospitals, Airlines, Accommodation centers, Rehabilitation centers..

Exhibition booth Construction

Aria Media Company as a designer and executor of exhibition booths in Tehran and other cities and exhibitions abroad and having a booth Construction grade from the International Exhibition Joint Stock Company with several years of experience in both Construction and exhibition activities. The Buildup Exhibition booth is difficult.

Aria Media with its own workshop and modern equipment for both Construction and experienced team in booth Construction in the highest quality, shortest Construction time and low cost, and an independent warehouse of exhibition equipment (modern lighting equipment, furniture, city TV and..), meets all the needs of esteemed participants in holding conferences and booth Construction. Aria Media stands design and exhibition stand is also the builder of this type of exhibit. The contractor usually takes over the project. You can contact Aria Media Company and ask questions you have about the construction and design of the exhibition booth. This company gives you advice and uses the best Iranian designers to design the booth.