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Construction Industry Exhibition

Dubai Construction Industry Exhibition (Big 5) is an event. This is the largest trade exhibition for construction materials and products in the Middle East. This exhibition in Dubai is the host of the largest gathering of construction and civil engineering specialists in the Middle East, and by holding training workshops and presenting thousands of top construction products in the world. Complete information is provided to engineers and specialists in the construction industry. Dubai Construction Industry Exhibition (Big 5) with three decades of brilliant history has been able to attract 3000 contractors from 65 countries and 80000 experts. One of the reasons for attending this exhibition is to hold more than 5 free seminars that reveal the latest technologies and innovations in the construction industry. Dubai Construction Industry Exhibition provides a great opportunity for people who are looking for new and used construction machinery or related products. This exhibition is able to present a wide range of products with more than 5 exhibitors who have booths and stands.

Dubai Construction Industry Exhibition

This exhibition provides the latest products to buyers with the presence of famous foreign companies from different countries such as Germany, Italy, France, China and Austria. By having three centuries of history, this exhibition covers almost all topics of the construction industry, from heavy machinery to interior decoration accessories.

Dubai Construction Industry Exhibition consists of 5 main sections, which are:

The first part: MPE Services

This section includes plumbing and water technology, electrical systems, security and fire protection.

The second part: interior parts

That includes the kitchen, bathroom and ceramic lighting floor, wall and ceiling coverings.

The third part: Physical separators inside and outside the building

It includes doors, windows and roof protection system, veneer and glaze.

The fourth part: construction materials and equipment

This section includes: hardware, tools and equipment for the construction which are made of metal, steel and aluminum

The fifth part: Construction technologies and innovations

It includes software and IT techniques for building information modeling (BIM), robotic 3D printing of smart buildings and automation of professional technological services.

Dubai Construction Industry Exhibition Topics

  • Construction machinery and equipment
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Soil transfer machines
  • Paving equipment
  • Heavy machinery accessories
  • Air transfer
  • Demolition machinery and equipment
  • General tools and machines
  • Accessories of structures and buildings
  • Prefabricated structures
  • Construction equipment and maintenance and support
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Doors, windows and glass
  • Internal materials
  • Exterior materials
  • Insulation
  • All kinds of construction products
  • Concrete, cement and plaster
  • Structural materials and basic shapes
  • Portable building components
  • Portable structures
  • Permanent structures
  • Lighting bulbs and accessories
  • Types of windows
  • Floor coverings
  • Inner walls
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Building maintenance services

Dubai Construction Industry Exhibition is the gateway to the Middle East’s largest projects, connecting you with professionals ready to work and share their knowledge.

Dubai Construction Industry Exhibition 

As the Big 5 Dubai Construction Industry Exhibition is attended by the most reputable construction companies from different countries, you can show your potential, lead to cooperation agreements and sales of your products.