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Baku ADEX Exhibition

Introduction of Azerbaijan Military Equipment Exhibition

The international military exhibition, ADEX, is one the largest events to provide a unique opportunity to meet the Azerbaijan international military. ADEX is the best platform for selling and introducing products. To build up this exhibition it is necessary to find out more about every needed item and design the display is a perfect ground for presentation.

Every year different kinds of countries participate in ADEX to show their national military industry potential. It also helps them to establish international cooperation. The real aim of this show is to provide the effectiveness of military products in the world market.  The latest types of military equipment are introduced in this platform.   The most authoritative companies from all over the world are gathered together and play a key role in offering the latest military technology. Benefits of participation in Azerbaijan Military Equipment Exhibition:

  •       Exclusive interacting opportunities
  •       Meetings with international military allocations
  •       Meetings with top local military authorities
  •       National stands
  •       Find out about innovations in the sector
  •       Revision the state of the market
  •       get new ideas
  •       Make new contacts with new technologies
  •       Get information in “live” conversation
  •       See an extensive selection of goods
  •       Choose suppliers of new products
  •       Link one product with another
  •       Conclude deals
  •       Become agents for famous and well- known producers
  •       Acquire technical knowledge
  •       Meet technical personnel
  •       Discuss to solve problems
  •       Find chance to upgrade
  •       Discuss business issues
  •       Establish link between price and quality
  •       Compile an information database
  •       Begin cooperation

  Construction ADEX Exhibition

We are proud to collaborate in Construction and decoration of exhibition booths in ADEX exhibition. Our experienced Contractors have considered the best designs for the construction of this booth by considering various factors.  More creativity is needed to build a display booth. On the other hand, this presentation booth is supposed to attract international attention and people from many different countries participate, which is why we need to consider every item with high details. Azerbaijan Military Equipment Exhibition with all benefits can attract many countries. Though acting as an organizer of the ADEX, you will be taken advantage of and supported by the Ministry of Defense Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is going to promote the development of cooperation for all participants.

Azerbaijan Military Equipment Exhibition (ADEX):

  • Number of exhibitors – 224
  • National groups – 11
  • Number of visitors – 6534
  • Number of international military delegations – 34
  • Exhibition area 12000 sq.m