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Exhibition spaces:

The construction and arrangement of the booth is one of the effective advertising tools and its importance is if in industrialized countries with independent management in providing goods and services, today in the fair industry exhibitors believe that to have a successful show, There is a need to attract and engage visitors

from the booth and it can be said that the booth in the exhibition is the identification card of a company and booth. Aria Media designs and builds a booth. Aria media is the builder of exhibition Booths. Booth’s professional contractor usually acts in this collection. The exhibition stand was designed by professionals. Aria Media booth build up group has a long history in booth construction.

IDF fair:

Oman Stone and Tile fair (TSS-idf) is an ideal platform that showcases stone and tile products and the latest stone designs and technologies in the industry. The Oman Stone and Tile Exhibition is a unique event in Muscat that meets the demands of the construction industry by producing natural stones, granite, marble and ceramics. This exhibition is a good opportunity to improve the display of your business, interact and meet new customers; the new representatives and distributors are presenting products and researching and exploiting the Oman construction market.

Oman Health Exhibition & Conference:

The Oman Health fair and Conference is an annual international event focusing on the ongoing development of the healthcare sector in Oman. In its ninth year, the event provides a platform for medical professionals and decision makers in the healthcare industry to learn more about the latest medical technology and innovations, and to get to know the manufacturers and providers of these services. Introduce your company’s brand to the global health and medical community at the Oman Health fair and Conference and attract new customers. The Oman Health Exhibition and Conference is seriously focused on improving health care facilities and the capabilities of medical professionals.

Oman Food and Hospitality fair:

Oman Food and Hospitality fair (FHO) will be held from 14 to 16 October 2021 in Muscat, Oman. Oman Food and Hospitality fair (FHO) is an international trade fair that serves as a unique business platform for companies and industry stakeholders in promoting the latest products and services in food and beverage, agriculture and fisheries, food processing technologies, equipment Kitchen and catering, hotel equipment and equipment and restaurant and cafe section. Oman Food and Hospitality and is known as the biggest Oman event in this industry. At the Oman Food and Hospitality fair (FHO), meet your colleagues in this industry and get acquainted with the new market trends in the food, hospitality and hotel industry.

Oman Lighting Exhibition (idf)

The Oman Lighting fair (idf) is one of the most important events interior design that showcases products related to the lighting industry. This exhibition presents to manufacturers, architects, designers, consultants, engineers and many other visitors in this field the new light and lighting industry inside and outside the building. Oman Innovation fair is a good platform to meet new audiences, get to know new and updated products and innovations and brands, and discuss new trends and technological developments in the market.

Oman Kitchen and Bath Exhibition (IDF)

Oman Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition (IDF) showcases the latest technologies, equipment, accessories, architecture and interior design of bathrooms and kitchens on a very large scale. In Oman Kitchen and Bath Exhibition, products such as furniture accessories, paint and upholstery, tiles and stones, decor tools, outdoor design, bathroom, kitchen, lighting, will be displayed. This exhibition is a very suitable platform for decoration designers and architects from all over the country to not only get acquainted with the latest innovations in this industry, but also to interact and communicate directly with their colleagues by attending the exhibition and its workshops.

Oman Real Estate Exhibition (OREX)

Oman Real Estate Exhibition (OREX) will be held from 02 April to 04 May 2021 in Muscat, Oman. The Oman Real Estate Fair (OREX) is a unique platform that allows local and international builders and brokers to meet the most reputable buyers and investors in the Oman market. The Oman Real Estate Fair has been held in Oman for 2 years and has attracted thousands of visitors. The fair has witnessed the launch of various government projects and initiatives that will facilitate the real estate industry in Oman. The Oman Real Estate Exhibition, which is approved by the Oman Real Estate Association and sponsored by other government agencies, is a great opportunity for you to make important business contacts, discover job opportunities and test the market.

Oman Oil and Energy Exhibition (OPES)

The Oman Oil and Energy Exhibition (OPES) will be held from 22 to 24 September 2021 in Muscat, Oman. The Oman Oil and Energy Exhibition (OPES) is the only event in Oman that covers the entire oil and gas industry. The Oman Oil and Energy Exhibition (OPES) is in fact a series of exclusive and joint events in this field. As an annual event, the Oman Oil Exhibition is an efficient platform and network used as an important gathering place for energy professionals, oil and gas companies, policymakers and decision makers. The conference is sponsored by the Omani Ministry of Oil and Gas.

Oman Information and Communication Technology Exhibition (Comex)

Oman Information and Communication Technology Exhibition (Comex) will be held from 16 to 18 April 2021 in Muscat, Oman. Oman Information and Communication Technology Exhibition (Comex) is the first Oman Information and Communication Technology event to be held annually. The holding of the previous period of this exhibition shows that the information and communication technology industry can attract over 2 people during the 4 days of the exhibition. The number of announced visitors shows that this exhibition had the highest record of audience attraction during 3 years. Oman’s ICT industry is flourishing and steadily. The exhibition currently has several collaborations with the private and public sectors in Oman. Comex said in a statement that the exhibition will pursue many goals during this period, including interacting with other ICT experts in an environment and establishing connections between all public and private information sector actors