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Booth construction fair services in the UAE:

Booth construction fair services in the UAE ،if you want to inquire about the price or reservation of the booth or the construction of the booth and the type of design of the booths in the exhibitions that are held in the UAE, omit definitely go directly to the official website of the organizer, but if for different reasons like the : Impossibility of allocating time or specialized manpower for follow-up and correspondence، Insufficient experience in booking booths in international exhibitions, Less familiarity with the concepts of international contracts and low mastery in communicating with international organizers، Impossibility of making international payments and …

Need your help, Aria Media Group is proudly ready, based on the valuable experiences gained during the past years in price inquiry and booking booths at various international exhibitions around the world, to design and build a price inquiry booth, Register and reserve the booth on your behalf.

Beauty world Fair:

The Dubai Cosmetics Exhibition will be held from 13 to 15 October 2021 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Cosmetics Fair is the largest trade fair for beauty, hair, perfume and health products in the Middle East. On a global scale, few business events can be found that are comparable in impact and credibility to the Dubai Cosmetics Fair in the beauty industry. The fair has thousands of prospective business visitors who come to find products and services offered by global participants. During the 7consecutive and fruitful years since the beginning of this event, the Dubai Cosmetics Exhibition has continuously evolved and as a representative of the beauty, hair, perfume and health industries for the vast Middle East region, has played a key role in the development and growth of this industry. Is. The Dubai Cosmetics Fair is a truly international event that provides business visitors with the opportunity to meet over 2 companies face to face over three days.

Arab health fair:

Dubai Medical Equipment Exhibition (Arab Health) will be held from June 21 to July 20, 2021 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Medical Equipment Exhibition (Arab Health) is the largest exhibition and congress in the Middle East and the second largest medical exhibition in the world. In fact, there is no other important arena for the “medical equipment and care” market like this one in the world where you can learn, meet other businessmen and activists, and trade. Visitors to the exhibition can meet the leaders of the global industry in regional and international organizations for over four days and enjoy a wide range of products and services at the same time. In the past period, over 3 manufacturers, distributors and related service companies have exhibited their latest technologies, innovations and how to use them. Among the products and services that manufacturers and distributors display are medical equipment products, laboratory equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, physiotherapy and orthopedic technologies, hospital goods and supplies, IT surgery products and services. And communications in health care, facility management, medical services, radiology, consulting services in health care, noted.

Automechanika fair:

Automechanika Dubai is the largest trade and international exhibition of after-sales service and automotive equipment in the Middle East. With the steady growth of auto parts industries in the region, Dubai Automechanica is playing a key role in the Middle East and Africa economies. Automechanica Dubai has also targeted the increase in the share of car production and after-sales services beyond the Middle East, bringing together foreign manufacturers, distributors and buyers in the region. Today, Automechanica Dubai is much more than a simple trade show. at the center of the region’s development, the event falls into the “unbeatable” category of professional business events in the region; as discussions and debates about the problems and issues needed for a larger industry in a wider area. This trade show is the choice of an ideal way to introduce new products, find new suppliers and connect with distributors and wholesalers in the industry.

ADIPEC fair:

The Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Exhibition (ADIPEC) is the most effective international oil and gas market exhibition and conference in the world. This event is the fastest way to reach many of buyers of oil and gas products and services. The Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Exhibition attracts professional oil and gas audiences with real purchasing power every year, and more than $1.5billion is traded at the site. For many business sectors, the Abu Dhabi Oil and Gas Exhibition is a world-class venue for new connections and the discovery of new opportunities. Over time, it has become clear that this event has a very important place in business development, meeting with counterparts, presenting and exchanging ideas on the latest technology, knowledge and innovations in the oil and gas industry. If you are a suppliers, of oil and gas industry, you need to attend this world leading business event.

Gulfood fair:

Gulfood Dubai is one of the most visited events on the calendar, a meeting place for industries and the largest selling point of the year. Over 2.5 million exhibitors have booths to meet and trade with 1.5 visitors from over 3 countries. The Gulfood Food Fair is the largest food and hospitality trade event, with global flavors meeting global businesses. When you invest in the Persian Gulf Food Fair, you choose a proven trade fair. The exhibition, which existed over 3 years, has become famous among exporters for its extraordinary return on investment.

Booth construction in Dubai exhibitions

Given the international competition at the UAE fairs and the number of contractors at these fairs, one problems for Iranian brands taking part in the Dubai or Abu Dhabi fairs has been that they do not know which exhibitors they can trust. Because most of them are immigrants who do not have a workshop and a permanent office in Dubai. Aria Media Company built booths in foreign exhibitions in order to accompany its customers in foreign exhibitions and to ease the minds of these loved ones about all the affairs of the exhibition in to build booths in foreign countries, including Dubai. Performs in over 10 countries.

Aria Media Company’s booth build up group has more than 15 years of specialized booth construction in Iran and different countries for the welfare of customers. The contractor has many designs